“Improving the living and housing conditions in the communities” represents quite a challenge in view of the extent of housing needs among First Nations. It is the view of the First Nations in Quebec and Labrador Chiefs’ Assembly (AFNQL). This sector is in crisis, and our elected representatives have made it a priority. Housing occupies a central role in the communities. All improvements made in this area, are susceptible of leading to tangible progress in health, education and employment with our members.

To resolve this crisis, the Chiefs rely on two fundamental approaches: Firstly, a massive federal investment to eliminate the accumulated backlog; secondly, the negotiation and the implementation of a new approach by which, the First Nations will exercise their full jurisdiction over housing. Other governments are well aware of the stand taken. The Chief portfolio holder, Lance Haymond, (Kebaowek), multiplies the interventions with the federal and provincial decision makers. He also sees to the assertion of the regional interests in housing with his colleagues of the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), particularly within the Chiefs Committee on Housing and Infrastructure (CCoHI). Moreover, the AFNQL is an integral part of the Regional Tripartite Housing Committee (RTHC) and brings to light the concerns of the Chiefs with the representatives of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

The AFNQL has been organizing, for several years, and will continue to organize, regional meetings focused on the distribution of information and the sharing of good practices in housing management. Regional engagement as part of the transformation announced by the federal government was at the heart of the last regional meetings and will continue to be for a few more years. See the reports of the Engagement Sessions on the RTHC page: http://apnql.com/en/regional-tripartite-housing-committee/

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